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Fractal Networks Mosaic Overview

Here's an overview of the services and their dependencies that make up Fractal Mosaic. All off-the-shelf components are indicated in pink.

graph BT
    Backend[Hive Backend]
    Frontend -->|RESP| Redis
    Backend -->|RESP| Redis
    Backend -->|SQL| Database
    Frontend -->|REST API| Backend
    Backend -->|AMQP| RabbitMQ
    DeviceService[Device Service] -->|AMQP| RabbitMQ
    WebSocket[WebSocket Servcice] -->|AMQP| RabbitMQ
    Device -->|WebSocket| WebSocket
    Backend <-->|REST API| DeviceService

    style RabbitMQ fill:#f9f
    style Database fill:#f9f
    style Redis fill:#f9f


Service Description
Hive Backend Business logic, handles devices. Contains a worker for async tasks.
Frontend Next JS user interface
Device Service Delivers device events to Hive Backend, lets Hive Backend send events and requests to Devices via RabbitMQ
WebSocket Service Maintains WebSocket connection to devices and relays messages to RabbitMQ
RabbitMQ Message broker, used to relay messages between Hive Backend and Devices and used to coordinate tasks for the async worker.
Database Database (SQLite)
Redis Cache, used by frontend and backend.