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Device Communication

graph BT
    Backend[Hive Backend]
    DeviceService[Device Service] <-->|AMQP| RabbitMQ
    WebSocket[WebSocket Servcice] <-->|AMQP| RabbitMQ
    Device <-->|WebSocket| WebSocket
    Backend <-->|REST API| DeviceService

    style RabbitMQ fill:#f9f

Upon starting, the device establishes a WebSocket connection with the Fractal Mosaic backend. This WebSocket connection signals to the backend that the device is ready and reachable. Through this connection, the Device receives requests and it sends status events.

We are using the reliable RabbitMQ message broker to implement this messaging configuration. There are two services involved in handling the messaging between the Devices and the Hive Backend:

  • The WebSocket Service offers a WebSocket that Devices can connect to. Upon connecting, they can authenticate after which any messages they sent will be broadcast using RabbitMQ, and any messages destined to them will be relayed to them from RabbitMQ.

  • The Device Service maintains a connection to RabbitMQ and delivers all messages from Devices to the Hive Backend using an HTTP POST request. The Device Service also offers two endpoints for the Hive Backend to send events or requests to Devices. The difference between events and requests is that requests need to be confirmed, whereas events do not.

From the point of view of the Device or the Hive Backend, events are JSON objects that have some mandatory fields. RabbitMQ uses a custom header format, for this reason the amqp-value-json crate is used to provide a mapping of JSON to AMQP headers, which is done transparently.


Device Connection

Upon connecting to the WebSocket, the device is asked to authenticate. If successful, the WebSocket service will forward all events for that device (that have a matching device UUID in the event) to the device. All events from the device are sent to RabbitMQ (with some metadata injected).

flowchart LR
    Connect-->CheckAuth[Check Device Token]
    CheckAuth-->|Bad| Disconnect[Disconnect with error]
    CheckAuth-->|Good| Subscribe[Subscribe to<br />RabbitMQ events]
    Subscribe-->|Good| Loop[Wait for events<br />or messages]
    Subscribe-->|Bad| Disconnect
    Loop-->|WebSocket Message| GotMessage[Sent message<br /> to RabbitMQ]
    Loop-->|RabbitMQ Event| GotEvent[Send message<br />to Websocket]
    Loop-->|Error| Disconnect

Hive Backend Event

Hive Backend Request

Hive Backend Delivery